the hottest presentation ever

"hold on with your questions," said Mr. Bravo last saturday morning.

i couldnt speak even a word. everytime i tried to speak, they cut my words, they asked question. look like they couldnt accept our idea. or maybe they were too excited when we came up with our new bright idea.

well, what is so wrong with a multi-functional electric cooker with music player? Please la, think out of the box. housevives can enjoy their cooking sessions, they can listen radio, play some music. not neccessary they have to sing.

well, we came up with our creative idea. what is wrong with multi-funtional cooker with music player?

thanks for our supporter, Fuad....hehehe..


nurul said...
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star_gazer said...

blueekkk..xdpt terime...ur idea is too complicated...ahaaha

adzim said...

well, just simple idea, ok. just a very small gadjet, can save energy n space...not like that mesin basuh, which is really really really much complicated..